Running NUnit in Visual Studio 2008

Follow the step-by-step instructions to run NUnit in Visual Studio 2008:

  1. Download and install NUnit
  2. Add a new Test project to Visual Studio 2008 Solution
  3. In Windows Explorer, create a folder called “lib” in the solution direcotry
  4. Copy the nunit.framework.dll from NUnit installation and add to lib folder
  5. In Visual Studio right-click on the solution and click “Add -> New Solution Folder
  6. Add Existing Item to the solution folder pointing to the dll
  7. In the Test project add the framework dll and a reference (right click on References and click Add Reference)
  8. You can now start creating tests. Have a look at the quick start guide on how to write tests.
  9. Build the test project then navigate to the project’s debug folder in Windows Expolrer and double-click on the project dll. This should startup the NUnit console to run the tests you have created. If you have ReSharper then you can run the test from Visual Studio.

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